Brandon Zano’s career in music involves all facets: playing guitar, bass and drums; vocals; composing; writing lyrics; recording and producing. His current projects, and the culmination of his years of experience in the music industry, are his first solo album, {PREQUEL}, and his recently formed band, ZANO.

{PREQUEL} is a beat-driven mix of rock, electronic and pop and was co-produced by Ben Schigel (Drowning Pool, Chimaira, Breaking Benjamin, SomeKindaWonderful). After finishing {PREQUEL} in mid-2015, Brandon moved from Cleveland to Los Angeles and formed the band ZANO with Jacob Cohan (American Head charge) on Keys, Tom Davies (Nebula, The Freeks) on bass and Bryan Panzeri on drums. ZANO is actively playing shows in Los Angeles and currently shopping for label pick-up. Brandon continues to write new material for the band and has a studio in which he records and produces for ZANO and various artists, most notably Jesse Smith of Zao and Jesse Smith and the Holy Ghost (full-length album Love.Hate.Live.Die to be released in 2016).

Having lived all over the United States, it was in Cleveland, Ohio during the late ‘90s that Brandon’s life as a musician began. He started by playing bass in a local hard-rock act, Tender Blind Spot, and toured for weeks in the U.S. This was enough to spark a permanent obsession with music. Over the years his bands have included: Leo, as lead guitarist – which landed a development deal with Island Records; Dozen Dead Roses, as lead vocals and guitar –the band drew label interest but dissolved before getting a deal; This is a Shakedown!, as lead vocals and guitar – a part-dance, part-rock project that signed to Reversed Image Unlimited within months, recorded with the multi-platinum award winning producer, Michael Seifert, and mixed by the legendary Sean Beavan (Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails); Ohio City Dead Birds, as drummer – a live-DJ/drummer project that included choreographed digital projections set to grinding dance beats; Stereo Workers Union, as drummer – which is signed to The Committee to Keep Music Evil (Brian Jonestown Massacre); Ragers, as lead vocals and guitar – currently finishing a full-length album recorded and produced by Zano; and ZANO, as lead vocals and guitar – Zano’s LA-based band that is a beat-driven mix of rock, electronic and pop, and is currently shopping their debut solo album {PREQUEL}for label pick-up.

Between all of this, Zano has been involved in numerous other music-related projects. During 2015, he recorded and produced Love.Hate.Live.Die, by Jesse Smith and the Holy Ghost (Jesse Smith of Zao), which is to be released in 2016, had song placement in the movie I Smile Back (starring Sarah Silverman), and played bass and keyboards in SomeKindaWonderful (Downtown/Capitol Records) for a stint of bookings in California. Prior to 2015 and between playing in his own bands at the time, he played rhythm guitar with Downplay (Epic Records), extensively toured with Puddle of Mudd and Sevendust, formed a band, as lead singer, with members of Mudvayne and Filter (although it never came to fruition), played the lead role and soundtrack contributor for the movie Long Way to Oblivion, played the lead singer in a commercial for the video game Jam Party, and scored and played all instruments in two video game trailers for Kill Many Robots.


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